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Logo download

Click here to download a .zip file containing the Coverpay logo colour variants.

The logo has been bundled in multiple sizes and formats. Should you require customised format, please contact our creative team directly at


Brand use guidelines

Allow space around logo

When using the Coverpay logo allow apropriate space around the logo. Use the size of the bee icon as a guide for a minimum space above, below and to the sides of the logo.

Don’t overcrowd things

Don’t overcrowd the logo with images, text or other graphics.

Use the appropriate logo

We’ll normally ask you to to display the Coverpay logo on a white or the Coverpay yellow. The black & white versions are ok to use when its not possible to use the logo in colour.

Don’t change the logo

Don't change the colour or layout of the logo.

Brand colours

Our primary brand colours are:

Yellow #FFE01B

Black #000000


Supporting colours are 

Medium grey #8C8C8C

Light grey #E5E5E5

Don’t use custom colours

Avoid using custom colours for the Coverpay logo or on any supporting information that is supprting the Coverpay logo. 

Our brand fonts

Our main supporting font for our brand is Montserrat. The montserrat font is available from the the Google fonts website here